Silverline 4X4 Wheel Refurbishment

4X4 Alloy Wheels Warwick

These products and services are only available from Warwick (Silverline) TEL: 01926 675 942

4X4 Wheel Refurbishment

Are your wheels letting you down?

Are your wheels scuffed or damaged?

Do your wheels spoil the look of your pride & joy?

We can help. Our value for money quality workmanship & efficient repair or refurbishment service will make your wheels shine bright, like a diamond!

  • Alloy wheel Polishing & Wheel Finishes -
    • Alloy Wheel Polishing / Diamond Cutting for wheels
    • Paint match to manufacturers finish
    • Alloy Wheel Painting - wet coat
    • Alloy Wheel powder coating
    • Rim Repairs and full-face repairs - wet coat
    • Full refurbishment from bare aluminium - durable powder coating or a wet paint and   powder combination
    • Comprehensive range of custom wheel colours & special finishes available
    • Clear coat / lacquer wheel finish
  • Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Wheel Straightening service
  • Pothole Damage
  • Split Rim Rebuilds

What do I need to do to get my wheels repaired?

In order to quote we need to see the car, so just drive into our store. Our Manager will need to photograph the damage and discuss with you any options. Please leave a contact number and /or e-mail address. We will use the photographs to assess the damage and e-mail or phone you a quotation.

We then agree a date for the repair to be done please bring your vehicle or loose wheel to our store and we'll usually have your wheels repaired within 2 – 4 days. We will let you know as soon as the wheels are repaired and if you left your vehicle refitted & balanced ready for collection.

Please bear in mind that your vehicle will most likely be unavailable for use during the repair process unless you have a spare set of wheels.

RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit

4X4 Alloy Wheels Warwick

These products and services are only available from Warwick (Silverline) TEL: 01926 675 942

Wheelwright have teamed up with one of Europe’s leading Space Saver wheel manufacturers to deliver the most comprehensive space saver wheel kit on the market, featuring a space saver wheel, tyre, jack, brace, warning triangle, hi-vis, head torch, kneeling mat, gloves & rain poncho all packaged in simple and tidy bags.

Wheelwright 4X4 Wheels

The RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit solves a genuine problem – and the demand is high. For many years, Wheelwright have delivered a steel wheel programme, featuring full-size steel wheels for over 95% of the car park, manufactured by Alcar Stahlrad in Germany. However, with wheel-wells getting smaller; and manufacturers opting to save weight by only supplying cars with tyre-slime rather than any form of spare wheel, the need is great. Tyre Slime is one solution, which many are happy to use, but more people demand a genuine wheel replacement to get them home safely. This is where RoadHero comes in..

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