Electric Car Repair & Service

EV Electric Car Repair

Electric & hybrid vehicle service & repair

Britannia have specialist technicians with IMI level 3 accreditation, qualified to work on high voltage vehicles.

IMI accreditation is endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive and is a legal requirement by Electricity at Work Act 1989 to work upon electric vehicles.

Britannia are qualified to offer Electric & Hybrid vehicle:-

  • Servicing
  • Repair & maintenance of EV vehicles
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Battery safety checks
  • Aircon & heating system service
  • Brake checks
  • MOT

While the electric motor is simple and has few moving parts, electric vehicles require regular service & maintenance just like any other cars. Checks required include the high voltage battery pack, and it’s cabling along with steering, suspension, tyres, wheels, and lights. Brake pads, brake shoes and brake fluid will need checking and  possibly changing.  The heating/air conditioning system may also act to maintain the battery at optimum temperature and as such it is important to check and where necessary replace the air-conditioning refrigerant gas along with the cabin air filter.  Wiper blades & screen wash need maintaining. The battery may require a health check and plugging the vehicle into a diagnostic machine will allow us to investigate any fault codes.  Since Electric vehicles use very high voltage it can require specialist attention if a repair to the electrical system  is necessary.

Hybrid vehicles have both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine and as such both engines will require service and maintenance at regular intervals

 Electric & hybrid cars do require servicing at similar intervals to those of petrol & diesel vehicles, normally based on time or mileage, please check your vehicle handbook for recommended service intervals.  Electric & hybrid cars will require an MOT after three years, though not an emissions test.

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