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Continental summer tyres

Britannia Tyres supply Continental tyres online and throughout our branches. Click here to see our range of Continental tyres.

Continental Tyres deliver superb braking, handling and safety through technical excellence, innovation and design.

We highly recommend Continental tyres - talk to any of our fitting staff who will be happy to advise on the right Continental tyres for your vehicle.

Why choose Continental tyres?

Tyres are the vital contact between your car and the road. While they may all look the same, there is much more to buying a tyre than simply selecting the right size.

To see our full range of Continental tyres click here

Continental tyres for all weather conditions

We know that tyres need to deliver safety in all weather conditions. The experts at Continental have developed an award-winning range of winter tyres that perform during the colder months.

Continental winter tyres: The facts

It doesn't have to snow for a winter tyre to perform. As long as the temperature is below 7 Celsius a winter tyre will deliver shorter braking distances than a standard (summer) tyre.

See how winter tyres compare to summer tyres in testing run by Mercedes-Benz World below.

Talk to one of our team to understand if winter tyres are the right solution for you.

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